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We have our roots in Business Process Management and Document Processing.

We’ve developed and implemented award-winning software systems for years. We did a myriad of projects around onboarding customers, suppliers, employees, students and digital mailrooms.

Capturing and processing many types of documents, from application forms, identity forms, correspondence, invoices, claims, and other documents.

But the world is changing fast. Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we work, live and play. Static processes and old ways of capturing documents and data simply do not work anymore.

You need Smart tools. You need Agility. You need APIs.

API-driven software platform

APIs are a crucial building-block in today’s digital world. Where it is all about agility, and co-creation is the name of the game.

APIs make it easier for people, organizations, places, systems, data and algorithms to connect with each other. To develop new experiences, to unlock information and share data and technology; to optimize processes and user experiences; to create new products, services and business models. And to get them to-market quickly.

Based on our experience and feedback from our partners and customers, we developed the our new API-driven software platform. This allows us to offer our customers a very close integration with their applications and adapt to their needs.


So, we did a pivot, a reboot, and re-invented ourselves.

First, we build a new API-based based platform. From scratch. With modern, advanced methods and techniques.

We’ve combined our years of experience in information- and document processing with the latest technologies, such as Decentralized Identities, Verifiable Credentials, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Using standards and open specifications to guarantee interoperability.

And a new vision with a 100% focus on creating the Next Generation of Document Management Systems together.

Partnering together is key.

Our winning stories comes from building solutions together with our partners. You know your industry like the back of your hand and can tell us what you need. We step in with the technical know-how and software platform. Working as a team, we make the best solution a reality.

In this super-connected world, no one can go it alone. We all need to be part of a big, buzzing network of businesses, organizations, partners, freelancers, and yes, even customers. This is how we come up with cool new products, services, and business models, to work faster and smarter than ever.

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