Next generation
Document Management

Our next-generation document management platform, engineered with the latest in AI and cloud-based technologies, revolutionizes the way your business manages and processes documents and data.

We offer seamless integration with your Line-of-Business systems, enabling straight-through-processing, resulting in efficient workflows.

Intelligent Document Processing platform

Our platform offers all standard functions that you expect in a document processing platform to capture, extract, and process data from documents. Using our platform we configure your process from capture to storage, adding tasks as your process needs them.

Your Business Operations. Our Processing Engine.

In today’s fast-paced environment, everything hinges on your processes. They are the core components that determine efficiency and productivity, often compared to a well-oiled machine. Hence, it’s essential that your processes are both effective and secure.

That’s why we dedicate our energies towards Process Optimization and Workflow Management Systems. Our goal is to foster process execution that’s not just efficient, but also independently verifiable, putting you – the owner of these processes – firmly in control.

Partnering together
is key.

Our winning stories come from building solutions together with our partners. You know your industry like the back of your hand and can tell us what you need. We step in with our technical know-how and software platform. Working as a team, we make the best solution happen.

In this super-connected world, no one can go it alone. We all need to be part of a big, buzzing network of businesses, organizations, partners, freelancers, and yes, even customers. This is how we come up with cool new products, services, and business models, to work faster and smarter than ever.

APIs for
Software Developers

We offer developers a wide array of advanced Document Processing functions that are exposed using RESTful APIs through our API gateway.

Leveraging OpenAPI/Swagger, we offer full documentation of all functions, including interactive testing in our API Console.

We also offer SDKs for almost all Programming Languages and Frameworks. Add new functions in hours instead of weeks, allowing you to focus on your core product development.

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